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  • 3815 Mission Ave., Suite 105
    Oceanside, California 92058

About Us

Garden Day School Preschool’s objectives are that every child has an opportunity to:
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  • Feel at home in our care.
  • Participate in age appropriate activities that are teacher directed and child initiated both indoors and outdoors with a wide variety of equipment and materials, which will aid in the interaction of children.
  • Learn and play in a safe, caring atmosphere with children of the same age under direct supervision at all times.
  • Create positive and caring relationships with both children and adults.
  • Develop a curiosity for the world around them by asking questions, trying new things, sharing ideas and feeling good about their efforts.
  • Try things on their own as they develop good self-esteem and independence.
  • Challenge their “whole” self through both physical and intellectual activities.

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Our Environment

Garden Day School Preschool has all of its classrooms self contained. Each room is equipped with restrooms and hand washing sinks. All of the interest groups required by licensing will be offered in each classroom. Large dramatic play equipment will be rotated from time to time to ensure variety in creativity.

The children will enjoy their snacks in the classroom. This provides a comfortable, calm area for mealtime, without the stress of another transition. Weekly lesson plans will be posted in each classroom and may include music, dance, group time, calendar, arts and crafts, quiet time, games, large motor activities, cognitive and manipulative activities, dramatic play and many others.

We encourage child-guided activities and make time available for these teachable moments in every day’s lesson. Flexibility is the key to a well-balanced lesson plan. The Director and other qualified teachers have developed this childcare program and will annually evaluate in writing.

Garden Day School Preschool will ensure that our activities are designed to promote the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional progress of each child.