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Physical Development
Happy Baby Girl

  1. Large motor – encouraging movement through a variety of activities both indoors and out such as climbing, running, jumping, swinging, playing ball and other group activities.
  2. Small motor – activities that encourage hand eye coordination such as stringing beads, cutting, pasting, and block building
  3. Balance – provide creative movements, obstacles and group activities that encourage balance

Emotional Development

  1. Independence – providing choices, encouraging self motivation, and self help skills
  2. Self Esteem – positive reinforcement and encouraging self-exploration. Sharing of feelings, stories, and dramatic play.

Social Development

  1. Interactive skills – group activities both large and small, games, stories, music, dance and show & tell.
  2. Behavioral skills – at this age children cannot yet mediate themselves, therefore separation and redirection during disagreements and over activity will be enforced.

Intellectual Development

  1. Language – encouraging speech, conversations, show & tell, storytelling and reading.
  2. Cognitive – exploring nature, shapes and colors, books, puzzles, and matching games.
  3. Creative – music activities, art and dramatic play.